Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Bufday

Nurliyana hamzah @ Shin Chan

Happy Bufday Yana.!!

Syg ko smpai mati...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

happy birthday 9 July 2009

NurruQayyah Zayaninazihmas Bt Me'at
  • Happy Birthday Darlink..
  • May Allah bless u..
  • thanx 4 u supported,thanx cz u r alwez here for me when i needed.
  • My prayers r alwez wif u.
  • Love u.! Muahx..

I have a friend,Who is perfect for me,She listens to all my problems,No matter how dumb they may be
She likes herself for who she isAnd never tries to changeShe tells me to be myself And that I should never change
She was shy on the phoneBut she would still callAnd we would talk for hoursAbout nothing at all
We would talk about love and lifeAnd discuss what we wanted to beShe knew just how I feltAnd how happy I could be
She listens to me patientlyBut never judges what I do or sayShe helped with all my problemsAnd never went away
I never once felt judged by herHow much that meant to meThat I could tell her all my dreamsAnd she would listen to me
My friend never goes and tellsWhat is dear to meShe keeps it all bottled up insideAnd doesn't spread it like a bee
I am thankful for that friend of mineOur friendship will never endAnd she will always be thereFor she is my best friend

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

broken heart

"letting go of sumone dear 2u is hard,
but holding 2someone who
doesnt even feel the same is much harder.
gving up doesn't mean ur weak.
it only means dat u strong enough 2let go"

tagged by nurmufidah

A : loves to laugh (cool.!)
B : crazy at times
C : cute
D : smart ( komen)
E : has beautiful eyes
F : wild and crazy
G : sexy
H : gives good hugs
I : very hot (i know dat.haha)
J : likes someone
K : is very athletic
L : very good kisser
M : easy to fall in love with
N : very trustworthy (yups.! am i)
O : has the best personality ever.
P : popular with all types of people
Q : has a smile to die for
R : will make a good boyfriend or girlfriend (ask my bf)
S : likes someone
T : very opened minded
U : is loved by everyone (ask them...)
V : not judgmental
W : very sexy
X : never lets people tell you what to do
Y : nice butt! (hahaha..patot la.i lyke dis one)
Z : makes dating fun

and my name NURDIYANA


" U.. i just want u to knw that u're so special to me.u xsame cm org laen.
xmenyesal i knal u.i really appreciate u"

"sorry u,i bukan nk uat u rase bersalah.i dnt blame on u..i tau mmg susa i nk dptkn u,
but i never gve up cz u're so worth it for me ..nytez dyana.."

For the person who send this to me :
forever, I could hope
there will never be any 'us', that's our destiny
so I wake up to reality.

I lied when I said
I didn't love you,
that my feelings for you
are through.

I lied
not because I wanted to
but because I love you
and I still do.
I wouldn't do a thing to hurt you
but I just have to let go.
I can't hold on much longer