Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry.BUT i have to do what i have to do..

Long of time i keep this ting in my deepy heart.but sometimes i feel lyke i was damn with sumone.i hate to hate people but wut i said juz nw i have to do wut i have to MY PAST, i really hope dat u enjoy ur wonderfull realationship now.i dont care n dunt EVER bother bout u..i oso have my new STOP talking bout me,i'm not interested to hear bout it nymore even it comest from ur mouth o people around u..perhaps.! u'll b shock bout this cz i have my true frends was telling dis to me..i really2 appreaciate wut they'd told me..i just one u 2 noe.have a realiationship wif u 100% i did not give me hapiness..past,i'm BLIND..blind with ur stupid 'love' dat come from ur mouth.i'm STUPID..stupid of accepted u in my life eventho it was just a few months,but 'xkn jadik seminggu kalo xcukup sehari kn'??...

u said wut,wut's the point my bf doest help me,when my car was broke down aite? for UR information,at the moment maybe Allah want to show to me which one is 'diamond' n which one is 'rubish'.Afta u came to help me,my boy go n settle my car by HIMSELF ok..conclusion here,u dun have to be so ridiculos ok 'SAYANG'??..

If u read this .DONT EVER say dat i'm jealous wif ur hapiness wif her.'sikit pun tidak'. ok. i'm here becoz i have to stand by my own feet to tell u dis..i hate people like u..nyting,just talk to y hand.stop being HYPOCRITE.stop being a SYMPATHY person.

i' really2 happy wif y life now,Alhamdulillah,eventho at past time i was sicked involve in ur game,n now i found my true love.'hikmah'.

Hear i dun have to mention ur name cz i hate to remem n i hate tok memalukn org.not like u.